17 January 2010

Tzedakah: Charity

I come back to remind everyone:
What is meant by charity in our lives?

Tzedakah - Charity is a fundamental part of the Jewish way of life

Jews traditionally donate at least ten percent of their income to charity. The the homes of Jews generally, have a "pushke" (a box for collecting money for the poor). Young Jews continually going from door to door to collect donations for various worthy causes.

- In the prayer of mourning (when the moment of death), it is common to include a statement that will make a donation to charity in memory of the deceased.

- Donating to charity is an almost instinctive Jewish response to thank God, to ask forgiveness from God, or to ask a favor from God.

- According to Jewish tradition, the spiritual benefit of giving to the poor is so great that when a "poor" needs help, in fact he (poor) is making a favor to the person who can help you. The poor is that giving the opportunity to perform Tzedakah. In fact, the poor is who is actually helping the donor.

- A study by leading charities in the world, found that 24.5% of all the "mega-donors" (people who donate more than $ 10 million a year for charity) are Jews. Jewish generosity is not limited to Jewish causes ...


Cyrus Rumi said...

By giving and sharing with others, we learn so much about ourselves...thank you for another great post...

'Sholom' to you!


mundo said...

adelle i follow ur blog ,thx 4 ur G'postng