06 August 2011

Association for Support of Children with Cancer

Help the children building a new hospital
Mission: The AACC - Associação de Apoio a Criança com Cancer, is a non-profit social organization whose mission is give support bio psychosocial and existential for children and adolescents with cancer and their families.

Vision: Be a reference in research, treatment and care of children and adolescents with cancer.

Values: Ethics, Transparency and Improvement of Human Dignity, are the principles that guide the work.

History: AACC was born on 11 April 1985 on the initiative of José Marcus Rotta and your wife Wanir Leo Cavalcanti Rotta, after experience in a support house in Seattle, USA, from November 1983 to April 1984, as a result of treatment his son James, a victim of leukemia.

The couple's initiative found support in a group of parents with children with cancer, in order to accommodate children living outside São Paulo City when they need to perform cancer treatment. The families who lived on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, which came from the state or other parts of Brazil and neighboring countries had nowhere to stay with the patient. So, many times, staying in hostels or in road and can not provide adequate nutrition and hygiene to patients and eventually dropping out of treatment and returning to the place of origin. The primary need was, therefore, to these patients stay offering conditions of proximity to the treatment site.

Objectives: Support to cancer research - Collaborate in developing and training of health professionals - Training of volunteers - Construction of a reference center dedicated exclusively to cancer treatment and rehabilitation of children with cancer

The AACC currently has a staff of 20 employees, 120 volunteers and more than 1,500 monthly donors between individuals and corporations, and numerous pontuals donors.

How to find help from the AACC - Get information

Help the children building a new hospital - Only in the State of São Paulo/BR, there are more than 1,800 new cases of childhood cancer per year. Currently, 65.6% of children can not find appropriate care.

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