08 March 2010

"One day and two days ..."

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What does it mean to me
"One day and two days ..."

They taught me to understand that the happy life is made a day at a time, I think the same to make a better world.

When we improve every day, we reach the fullness of love doing everything better; We can understand better, see better and re-build what is not good.

As it is written in the Torah, God in his wisdom, has built the world in days, or in stages. This represents that "our human world" can be improved over time and with the wisdom of our experiences.

So too should we use every day to improve our personal skills and the all community to try to achieve peace and harmonious equality among all beings on earth.

Who knows one day and more two days later we meet, helping and joining hands to each other, we all without hunger, not disease and without malice? One day...

The Hebrew text on image says:
"Master of the universe, please place in our house light, happiness, peace & friendship, & shower a continual flow of blessing & holiness in all of our rooms & in every corner, & may the light of your Torah & mitzvot [commandments] continuously blossom here."

The Artist Zeesi Paltrowitz (click here to read his work)


Isha Shiri said...

- Sorry my friends, there was a small problem and I lost my previous post. But I saved the kindness comments from you all. Adelle

Davy Jones said...
thank you so much for visiting my blog, i am pleased that you enjoy it...
"live long and prosper"...jjjeje

8/3/10 09:07
Slamdunk said...
Good topic. I hope that impropvement through cooperation continues to happen in the world.

8/3/10 09:49
Dri Viaro said...

Passei pra conhecer seu blog, e desejar boa semana


aguardo sua visita :)

Isha Shiri said...

fasha comeback again (http://nicedream2day.blogspot.com/)has left a new comment on your post ""One day and two days ..."":


subu.ps said...

Hey ishashiri you are spreading a message of Love and all your posts if read with passion do imbibe a good value in the reader

Sunshine and Baba said...

Very interesting


Lou a esquizoffrenica said...

Olá Isha, vim retribuir a sua visita e agradecer. Gostei do que li, embora com mais tempo vou tentar conhecer melhor o espaço. Concordamos numa coisa, um passo de cada vez assim se constroi a felicidade nossa e dos outros. Beijos

Roder Rock said...

My beautiful "Isha"

I know you live your days as "A day and two days ..." Your patience, your kindness, your way of looking at life is an example for me. I can't say how much I'm glad that you are my lovely "Isha".

Roder Rock said...

I like it when you please me. I reciprocate your words

אני של האהוב שלי, האהוב שלי הוא שלי -

Abby said...

What a beautiful attitude you share with the world.

Nicole Weaver said...

You are such a kind soul! I love your attitude. Bless you!
Nicole Weaver

Coralred said...

Ya one day at a time is a beautiful attitude to live..God bless you in all your pursuits!