06 June 2010

AACD - Association for Assistance to Deficient Children

The Association for Assistance to Deficient Children is a private, nonprofit, who has work for 59 years for the welfare of people with physical disabilities.

AACD was born the dream of a doctor in Brazil who wanted to create a rehabilitation center with the same quality of centers that knew abroad to treat children and adolescents with disabilities and reintegrate them into society. Dr. Renato da Costa Bomfim assembled a group of idealistic and, in 1950, founded the AACD.

Earlier, the organization worked in two rented houses in Rua Barão de Piracicaba, in São Paulo. But with to the collaboration of the donors, the AACD founded his first rehabilitation center, on land donated by the São Paulo city on street Ascendino Reis.

The center was inaugurated in June 1963 and marked a new stage in the treatment of patients of the institution. It works to date, same address. But the company won seven other units throughout the state and throughout Brazil.

Mission: To promote the prevention, habilitation and rehabilitation of persons with physical disabilities, especially children, adolescents and young people and encouraging social integration.

Vision: To be the preferred option in Orthopedics and Rehabilitation for patients, doctors, professionals, covenants and supporters, and be recognized for its high standard of quality and efficiency, transparency, social responsibility and sustainability.

Values: social responsibility, respect for human beings and their differences, ethics, quality, efficiency and competence and transparency

For over a decade, the AACD performs the Teleton, which every year brings together artists, presenters and personalities in a telethon in search of donations.

 - To keep the more than 5.760 calls medicals that AACD does every day, the institution relies on donations of individuals and companies who collaborate regularly. However, there are still over 30.000 disabled people in queues waiting for an opportunity to receive care. In some cases this queue reaches up to 8 years of waiting. So their contribution is so important. Choose how you want to help and do your part. Help AACD to help those in needWondering how? Click here.


Amanda Luna said...

Hello dear, I help AACD here in Brazil and I can always find very important and contribute.

If people were more supportive for sure the world would be much better!

kisses and appear on my blog to visit me, ok?


Vernz said...

oh, this is such a noble move to help our differently abled bros and sis.... more power to this organization.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

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sm said...

great job
great work

armalu said...
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armalu said...

Olá vim conhecer o seu blog e estou adorando, obrigado por tudo de bom que estão a fazer para as crianças elas são o futuro . bj

Slamdunk said...

Sounds like a wonderful organization--we need more of these types of programs.

Thanks for highlighting their valuable work.

Nice Veloso said...

Wonderful job! congrats!