31 January 2010

The Man and The Tree

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Talmud, Taanit 5b
- A man was travelling through the desert, hungry, thirsty, and tired, when he came upon a tree bearing luscious fruit and affording plenty of shade, underneath which ran a spring of water. He ate of the fruit, drank of the water, and rested beneath the shade.

When he was about to leave he turned to the tree and said: 'Tree, oh, tree, with what should I bless you?

"Should I bless you that your fruit be sweet? Your fruit is already sweet.

"Should I bless you that your shade be plentiful? Your shade is plentiful. That a spring of water should run beneath you? A spring of water runs beneath you."

"There is one thing with which I can bless you: May it be G-d's will that all the trees planted from your seed should be like you ..."

Image Courtesy: Artist Michoel Muchnik


charneguet said...

!Que pena no poder servirme del inglés, amiga Adela!...Presiento que tendrías muchos lectores españoles. Israel es uno de mis temas preferidos y el que más me apasiona después de la actualidad española. Le he dedicado algunos posts al Holocausto. Una tragedia que como pesona todavía no he podido superar. Se los dedico a mis amados amigos de Israel.

Sunshine & Baba said...

Plants ohh they lovely. We try to plant them a lot around our home in Hot Chennai. Its a tough job here.

Anonymous said...

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- Johnson

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