02 January 2010

The love unconditional - The flow of energy that opens us to the world

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Being an ish chesed (a man of kindness)

One of the main goals of Judaism is to help man to improve themselves spiritually for it to become an ish chesed, a man of kindness. Not surprisingly, therefore, that the first Jewish patriarch, Abraham, personifies Sefirah, the Divine attribute of chesed - kindness, generosity and boundless love.

Generous and selfless, Abraham was always concerned with the welfare of others, respecting and loving all human beings and surrounding them acts of kindness and generosity.

Hospitable, the first Jew used his wealth to accommodate the travelers, the doors of his tent was always open to all those who went there. Anyone, angel, beggar or even idolatrous, could come into your home and eat at your desk, or relax in one of their tents. Abraham also shared with others his wisdom and knowledge. To save someone else's suffering and death, did not hesitate to take the necessary, even risking their own lives. Abraham is the paradigm of the Jewish ideal - kind with Gd and with men, the Talmud teaches that anyone who has compassion for others certainly descended from the patriarch.

In Kabbalah, the "Sefirah of Chesed", symbolized by Abraham, represents kindness, altruism, sharing, give unconditional love. It is the flow of energy that opens us to the world and makes us reach out to others. In Hebrew, the word that means "love" is "ohev" and comes from Ha'v' - "Give". True love, Judaism teaches, consists of acts of giving and kindness.

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Slamdunk said...

Your Abraham post ties in well with the Old Testament readings that I have been doing. Great post, and happy New Year!

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unconditional love is Divine.

Happy Life in 2010

Edson Carmo

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Happy New Year! Wishing you the best in 2010!


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hello adelle,
wish you all the best in 2010. i was in israel back in 1973 but i have not made it back since. love israel and its people.
nikonsniper steve

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Happy New Year to you and yours, may this be a good year for you.

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Querida amiga, espero que tengas un ¡feliz 2010! ¡Happy 2010! y que tus mejores sueños se hagan realidad.

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Hello, dear Adelle,
There is my "Unconditional Love for the Human Being"
I hope you like it.
Thank´s for all, my friend*
Have a Peaceful 2010*

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Very inspiring post.Thanks for sharing.
Happy New year.
God bless.

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It's a beautiful day to be here, because we're brothers close to the father. I want to live much with this love.


Lucimara Souza said...

May all your dreams come true!!
Happy 2010!
Lucimara Souza

RoderRock said...

Creed - Poetry Shaul Tchernichovsky

Laugh, laugh at all my dreams!
What dream will come true!
I laughed because I believe in the men,
And I believe in you (Adelle *)

My soul is also seeking a freedom,
That does not exchange for golden calves.
Because I still believe in men,
And in their spirit strong and courageous.

And I believe in the future (with you my love *)
That still distant, it will come
When other nations bless
And peace at last fill the earth.

(* Forming part of the poetry by me to you, my great love)

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Hi Adelle, are you fine ?

My name is Nilda Bandeira, my blog is Bandeiras.

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