17 January 2010

How long will be remembered?

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Haiti is the time to be reminded. But how long will be remembered?

"Those who pass us by, do not go alone, do not leave us alone. Leave a little piece of yourself, take a little of us" - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

His people should be guided to develop education and economy, can not stop at only the reconstruction and treatment of the wounded. Haiti needs planning for the next 20 years to eradicate the lack of modern education, implement actions to promote the local economy and create jobs with minimum income.

The Haitian Revolution was the only slave revolt successful history. In 1791, three years before the "French Jacobins" abolish slavery in the colonies, the slave Toussaint L "Ouverture led a legion of blacks who won the three major powers of the era: France, Spain and Britain.

Inspired by Enlightenment ideas, he freed the slaves in Haiti long before the British, who posed for posterity as the first to abolish slavery. Haiti then begins its long journey of political isolation and economic .. In a time when U.S., Brazil and all Spanish America was slavery, the Haitian rebellion was condemned and the area did everything to prevent the "contagion" of the Haitians. However, after 2 centuries of corruption and lack of education, spread the misery to this day, all with the connivance of the modern world.

The time is right to transform Haiti into a nation that takes care of its people.

Give real "help with love" is to help transform the other's need in abundance, making achieving a virtuous cycle for the next generation of Haitians".

Note: Written by Roder Rock (my dear husband), and given to me with kindness!
I thank him for it.


Billy The Kid said...

Hi Adelle, how are you?

Very good this text, especially when it concerns the historical trajectory of Haiti, it really is a country that needs a good planning for education, health, safety, among other things that unfortunately this country have almost no, but we try to know is of political interest, not just physically rebuild Haiti, but also form a nation of dignity for his people believe that because there are many nations who want to benefit from this type of situation (unfortunately this is my vision), after this tragedy has been increased by often it is a poor country without infrastructure ...

To complete, I believe that despite being a tragedy to be remembered for years, this sad fact unfortunately will be forgotten as soon as a new fact of great international repercussion and it is this reality that saddens me the heart, because there is a great opportunity to let all aside without learning about it.

Sincerely and fiwue with God.

Cyrus Rumi said...

Love the quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and the brief history of Haiti's sad past...

Have a wonderful week:)


Cleiton Heredia said...

Olá Adelle,

Tem um selo de reconhecimento para você lá no meu blog.

Parabéns e um abraço.

Angus said...

Hi. Nice.

just call me uncle said...

hi thx for ur comment..appreciate that! i cannot put google translate bcoz my word in malay got many dialect and too simple. when trasnlate to english..too much broken word in english lol. anyway thx to be my follower. coem and visit me (say hi !! lol) if u have a time..i will respond instantly. have a nice day today..bye

Kata said...

Hello Adelle!
Iam grateful to you about this writings and your love peoples.It is important how to express this kind of things,not forget those peoples who to have deep sorrow in Haiti.

I`m happy your present too.It is best present if
I have get.I thinking good of you and you are dear me.This friendhip is important me.Thanks!!!

God be wiht you and your family.


Meus parabéns pelo blog, muito bonito mesmo. Quanto ao Haiti é preciso ficar de sobreaviso, pois onde já nasceu um Papa e um Baby Doc, pode haver mais.
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