05 January 2010

Happiness Project

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The Happiness Project began operations in April 2001 offering five days of pure fun and joy for children and adolescents from poorer classes with cancer.

Each week selected us the childrens cancer treatment in hospitals to participate in project. Monday to Friday, with one brother and parents can stay in wonderful hotels and participate in various tours: theme parks ("Hopi Hari", "Parque da Mônica", "Playcenter", "Mundo da Xuxa"), beach, shopping, bowling, cinema, museums, and now also a full day of leisure in Cologne, an extensive experience in S. Lourenço da Serra, in 2005.
At night, after a day of surprises and fun, are visited by volunteers who go to hotels deliver a kit of art, books, toys, etc. Making them more comfortable and happy after receiving a "good night" special.
On Friday, many activities are held at the headquarters of the Project, including the performance of two clowns, theater professionals, who make the party the kids through a retrospective of the week. Children receive an album with photos of trips and the certainty of returning to treatment with more courage and will to live.

But the project goes well beyond a week of happiness... continues to maintain permanent contact with families through letters, phone calls, taking birthday party cake, party and gifts to the house of children, and donated food baskets and offer vocational courses at its headquarters.

Location: Av Arnolfo Azevedo, 201 – Pacaembu, S. Paulo - Brazil
More information go to: felicidade.org.br/projeto.html


alezandri said...

This wonderful project!

Make a child smile is the most beautiful feelings that exist. Congratulations to all those volunteers!


Slamdunk said...

Highlighting the wonderful programs like the "Happiness Project" is very important; especially since newspapers and television like to focus on crime and scandal.

A good post focusing on a worthy initiative. Keep up the excellent blogging.

Pam! said...

Que bom que gostou do template!
Muita paz pra você também e luz no seu coração!!
Beijos, Pam

Fernando Américo said...

Olá minha querida Adelle, tenho muito prazer em seguir seu blog e fico agradecido por você seguir o meu. Até mais. Beijos

~PakKaramu~ said...

Happy new year 2010 to you

adm.josesilva.10 said...


Pelo jeito as boas ações fazem parte de sua vida.
feliz 2010!!!

ScrinS said...

Hi Adelle, I who thanks you for your kindness and for being in my blog

True, your blog is full of light and love an example to many.

I hope for you this year is full of happiness

An affectionate arm from Spain

Excuseme my English is very bad, thanks

Lis. said...

Hello Adelle!

We are all a part of God's great big family.
We are the world and we are the children.
They need of the a possibility, too.

Please: Are you from? Where do you live?
I want to point out me!
Thanks for you.

Good morning!

amigodcristo said...

Hi Isha, what a great thouth, Its really nice project, God bless you and provide all the tools and strent to conquered!

Tainã Steinmetz said...

Parabéns!!! Lindo esse projeto! Muito sucesso pra vc ^^

Lis. said...

Hi Adelle!

Eu achei estranho o blog em ingles e citações brasileiras. Por esse motivo perguntei. fico feliz que esteja aqui, porque tenho amigos israelenses que adoram o Brasil.

Quanto as crianças com câncer a maioria possuem leucêmia e são tratadas com dinheiro norte americano que investe muito em pesquisas.

Eu estive durante dois anos trabalhando com as crianças com leucêmia dentro do hospital Santa Casa de Misericórdia, e acompanhei muito dos presentes que eram oferecidos as crianças.

Para elas eram um bom conforto.
A alegria diminuia a dor delas.

Grato pelo seu comentário.

Kata said...

Hi dear Adelle,
This is really lovely project!This may almost with tears in my eyes.This is so good.
You are God gift me and many peoples.Thank=)
God be with you and be this projects.

Peace and hugs,

Hortist said...

Hellow Adelle, sharing and spreading smiles is the greatest virtue on earth......please keep it up :)

Sarah' said...

Obrigada por sua linda opnião na minha postagem!
adoro o modo com que trabalha.


Pink Links said...

The Happiness Project sounds so lovely. It's important to take care of those, who really need help.

Have a nice weekend!


Kirsti said...

I love your blog"one day and two days..."
You write very movingly and you radiate love.
I like to be friend. I love Israel.
Iam Israel`s friend.
I want to thank you,too,because your comment are very important to me.
This is lovely project and really important.

Be blessed!