22 January 2010

Donate by Shopping

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Red Cross Ready products

Red Cross Products focus on everyday safety, wellness and preparedness. Everyday emergencies come in many forms -- colds and flu, winter road conditions, even a new baby with a fever. The Red Cross wants families to have the confidence and peace of mind that goes along with knowing they are prepared for all of life's everyday emergencies. Baby wellness items, emergency radios, books on family caregiving, auto safety products, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves and preparedness kits are included in the initial line of "Be Red Cross Ready" products available online and in retail outlets across the country.

A percentage of sale from each of these products will support the American Red Cross. See below to choose from our Be Red Cross Ready product line.

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Kirsti said...

Dear Adelle!
I pray for your country peoples,that it might live in peace with everyone.
God bless you and your family.You are lovely young woman.Many thanks for you!!

With love.

Lis. said...

Olá Adelle.

Parece que bom mesmo é não arriscar-se tirando antes a condição insegura de campo. Prevenção.



Lindo! Tudo o que vc faz me encanta! Linda e Inesquecível Isha*
Para você, Amor.

Clarice Lispector

Simplesmente isto: eu me encontrei.
Simplesmente isto: eu sou eu, você é você.
É lindo, é vasto, vai durar.
O próximo momento é sempre incerto,
mas agora, só agora, olha para mim e me ama.
Olha para ti e te ama, é o que está certo.

Beijos Renata***************