18 February 2011

Three Principles

Women dancing with Torah
The Rabbis teach
The world stands on three principles:

The study of Torah, Avodah (worship of G-d) and Gemilus Chassadim (performing acts of kindness).

The inspiration and spiritual growth achieved through this series and on the Book of Tehilim, which contains lessons in all three principles, should serve as a merit and guide, from infancy through adulthood.

Imagem: Autor Salome Designs


Sunish said...

Sounds Good to me!

satire and theology said...

I like the art, very colourful.

Evelyn said...

nice blog! i really like your posts!

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Nanang said...

Fantastic painting. I really liked.

ropcorn said...

What a lovely painting. I like the colors and joy in it. :-)

Liliana Lucki said...

Hermosas obras !!!!

Saludo, desde MDQ,Liliana