23 February 2011

Network Of Orphanages & Children's Homes

KiteChild are the world's first network of ophanages and children's homes. We provide visibility and promote support by mapping and exposing the needs of our members to the greater online community.

Kitechild Mission

Kitechild is the first online network for orphanages and children’s homes around the world. The mission is to provide space on the web that will increase systematic wide- scale communication and cooperation among national and international child care providers.

Equally seek to provide visibility by both mapping the needs and endeavors of child care givers as well as promoting online awareness to encourage our generation of web users to become informed and involved.

Belief is that by increasing transparency and global awareness of the state of child caring organizations, can improve the way they are run and in turn, the children living in these challenging situations will have access to greater opportunities.

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18 February 2011

Three Principles

Women dancing with Torah
The Rabbis teach
The world stands on three principles:

The study of Torah, Avodah (worship of G-d) and Gemilus Chassadim (performing acts of kindness).

The inspiration and spiritual growth achieved through this series and on the Book of Tehilim, which contains lessons in all three principles, should serve as a merit and guide, from infancy through adulthood.

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05 February 2011

Your contribution really goes to charity?

*My friend wrote to me asking for more references on a charitable institution that he did not know and what I had indicated for him sharing and supporting the cause.

He asked me a simple question:
-- Can you tell me more about this institution?

He had a sensible attitude in ask me about it, because we must always be alerts about various institutions  of charities. We should take note about how institutions deal with money or donations, inclusive, how much paid its directors, officers, employees and his staffs. How much was collected in money and donations and how many resources are effectively applied in charity and help?

We should also evaluate the financial balances, which should always be updated. The financial account should be very transparent, so that everyone else can understand it and have a good trial.

There are some websites of companies that oversee institutions, providing ratings and we can do queries easily.

I recommend to everyone read carefully an interesting article on the topic above, in the link below will find more information.
"Give Smart: 25 Websites To Learn The Charity's Effectiveness & Efficiency"

Deuteronomy; Re'eh 15: 7-8  "Open Your Hand Generously"
7. When, in a settlement in the land that God your Lord is giving you, any of your brothers is poor, do not harden your heart or shut your hand against your needy brother (Ki-yihyeh vecha evyon me'achad acheycha be'achad she'areycha be'artsecha asher-Adonay Eloheycha noten lach lo te'amets et-levavecha velo tikpots et-yadecha me'achicha ha'evyon).
8. Open your hand generously, and extend to him any credit he needs to take care of his wants. (Ki-fatoach tiftach et-yadecha lo veha'avet ta'avitenu dey machsoro asher yechsar lo)