28 January 2011

The Children-Youth Orchestra of Guitars

The Children-Youth Orchestra of Guitars of Children's Home in Sao Paulo - Brazil, plans to offer an alternative to a new life project. Provide opportunities for young people with musical skills, to graduate and be multipliers in their social sphere.

The goal of social organizations, and the Children's Home of CIP is no different, is able through their actions and responsibilities, see the positive effect and impact of this action, and, ultimately, to see lives transformed as a demonstration of achievement and progress.

Preservation of Cultural and Social Responsibility are the premises of our partnership. The art is in service to this commitment.


chloessandbox.etsy.com said...

Hi there,
Just wanted to say thank you for following my blog. Following yours as well :)

satire and theology said...

Good to see the continued social progress in Brazil, including with the arts.

Capitan de lo Niños Perdidos said...

Me gusta!!! I like it!!! Eu gosto!!!