15 October 2010

CIAM - Centro Israelita de Apoio Multidisciplinar

CIAM - Israeli Center for Multidisciplinary Support / Brazil

The words written in video says: - "This publicity would be to have beautiful images of intellectually disabled people, playing, working, studying, leading a normal life. Just have not because us prefer to use our resources to improve the lives of disabled people. Our publicity will remain simple. But the life of disabled people will improve greatly."

Founded in 1959 by Harry Fromer, CIAM - Israeli Center for Multidisciplinary Support comes from 48 years ago, promoting social inclusion of children, adolescents and adults with intellectual disabilities. CIAM is an organization that works to develop these people, from birth to old age, without distinction of race or religion.

Today's serving more than 600 people with intellectual disabilities, CIAM seek into their programs to serve families in needy on region that is located, as well as supporting the common schools of public and private network with regard to education of persons with disabilities intellectual and / or difficulty in learning.

The monitoring is done through monthly meetings and visits in according needing for the school, encouraging its transformation into a school for everyone, providing theoretical and practical resources.

- Respect, dignity, self-fulfillment, freedom and independence are things that everyone is entitled to have in life. Everyone even. So CIAM, promotes social inclusion of children and adults with special needs. CIAM is an organization working to pioneer the development of people with disabilities from birth to age 3 rd. Because citizenship is for life.

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