05 July 2010

Matan Torah - The Torah Delivery

Mitzvot - The 613 Commandments
"Love thy friend as thyself" (Leviticus 19:18)
Rabbi Akiva says; "This is a great rule [11] in the Torah."

This statement of our sages requires explanation. The word Klal (collective or rule) indicates a sum of details that, when joined, form the collective above. So when he says about the Mitzva, "Love thy friend as thyself," that this is a great Klal in Torah, we must understand that the rest of 612 Mitzvot (commandments) in the Torah, with all its interpretations are no more and no less than the sum of the details entered and contained in that single Mitzva (singular of Mitzvot), "Love thy friend as thyself."

This is rather perplexing, because you can say this considering Mitzvot between man and man, but how can this singular Mitzva contain all the Mitzvot between man and Gd, which are the essence and the vast majority of laws?

And if we can still strive to find some way to reconcile these words come before we say one second, even more conspicuous on a convert who came before Hillel (Shabbat31) and told him: "Teach me the whole Torah while becoming on one leg. "And he replied:" Whatever you hate, do not do unto thy friend "(a translation of" love thy friend as thyself "), and the rest is your comment, go study.

Here before us is a clear law that in all other 612 Mitzvot (commandments) and all written in the Torah there is no Mitzva to be preferred to "love thy friend as thyself." This is because they only direct their play and allow us to keep the Mitzva of loving others properly, since it specifically says - "the rest is your comment, go study." This means that the rest of the Torah and their interpretations of this Mitzva one, that the Mitzva to love your friend as yourself could not be completed if they were not all they also understood.

The 613 Mitzvot
According to Sefer Hamitzvot of Rambam


❧Stéfani❧ said...

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❧Stéfani❧ said...

"love thy friend as thyself"... I didnt achieve to understand everything in this post but this sentence is very important. And i remember of the Bible because the Old Testament in Bible was based on Torah.

Good, i love the form you proclaiming peace and love.

It is divine!!!

Congradulations dear :)

❧Stéfani❧ said...

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peter said...

שלום לך אישה ",אני חושב שאלוהים דברים טובים יותר לעשות

Isha Shiri said...

:תגובה בשבילך פיטר

למה אתה תמיד סרקסטית? אתה לבלבל את דבריו של הקב"ה עם בעיות בין בני עמי לבין הערבים. אני מצטער שאתה חושב כך

ropcorn said...

I think it is true that you should "Love thy friend as thyself." But it is easy to love those who love you, where the challenge lie is to be compassionate to those who don't love you.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts :-)


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