10 April 2010

Kehillat Israel

Kehillat Israel as a Philanthropic Community

Who is considered to be truly wealthy?
- Rabbi Meir said, "One who derives peace of mind from his wealth.” Talmud, Shabbat 25b

Kehillat Israel is at the core a philanthropic community and our mission is to draw upon the spiritual teachings of Jewish tradition to serve those most vulnerable in our society. Shimon the Tzadik taught, 'The world is sustained by three things: by study of Torah, by prayer and by acts of loving kindness.'"- Talmud

Kehillat Israel's commitment to the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam (heal the world) can be seen every day in the congregation's large network of task forces and community service projects that serve the homeless, teach literacy, provide support for new immigrants, comfort those experiencing personal and family traumas, support food banks, fight crippling diseases and work on behalf of a spiritual approach to the environment.

- Get Involved:
Do something to make the world a better place for yourself, your family and future generations. What do you uniquely have to offer? Who you are!

- Donation:
You can help maintain the religious, educational and cultural programs of our synagogue community by a contribution in honor, or in memory, of a loved one, which would be deeply appreciated.

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