28 November 2011

Help a dog, a cat or a child? Choices

Tamagotchi - the virtuous pet
Reading about the 15th anniversary of the virtual pet Tamagotchi, I made a comparison with people who love pets more than loves humans.

In making comparisons, discover there are people who spend more on your pet, than spend on humanitarian aid (if and when do).

I understand loving a pet, it's fair, all creatures must be loved - meekest or cruel. All animals have the right to life, this is indisputable.

What upsets me is someone spend more money on an animal than spend on humans poor or in need of food, health and even education. Some say:
~ But my pet ​​is innocent!

Yes, I agree, if you bring home a dog or cat, for exemple, this becomes a great responsibility.

But one child, a sick man, young adult or even humans without education, who become prey to a vicious circle of poverty and neglect, these creatures no are also our responsibility to individual or collective?

If we have the ability and luck for we can live well and sustain pets (many animals require very expensive money to living), why not devote a part of our material and intellectual richness to sustain or provide help for humans in need?

These are questions that seem complicated, but I thinking one simple answer; We need more love for our fellows.

Some persons should having Tamagotchis and allocate their resources to more nobles causes.

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