02 July 2011

Colel Chabad / Orphans & Widows

Help an orphan in Israel
Colel Chabad is the oldest continuously operating Tzedakah organization in Israel. It was established in 1788 by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of the Chabad Lubavitch movement. Colel Chabad is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

Orphans & Widows
Today Colel Chabad remains the only organization in Israel that has an entire division dedicated to widows and their children. Our approach is holistic -- taking into account both the material and emotional needs of hundreds of orphaned families.

For the most urgent cases, Colel Chabad provides total family care. This means food, clothing and social services for 293 widows and more than 620 children annually.
Material want is only part of the challenges that confront the families of widows and orphans. Indeed, at times, money is not the problem.

The greatest challenges facing a widowed mother are:
1. The educational and emotional issues of their children; 
2. The ability to find and hold down a job; 
3. Coping with never-ending, 24/7 responsibilities.
Under the directorship of the renowned professor Dr. Amrom Blau, Colel Chabad offers a holistic approach that is designed to keep widowed families from fraying and falling apart.

Accordingly, Colel Chabad provides tutors for over 800 children; monthly ‘in loco parentis' contact with every orphan's teachers; social workers who monitor the domestic situation of each family; regular physical testing of each child, and monthly and semi-annual progress reports.

As needed, Colel Chabad provides widows and orphans with:
Cash grants, regular food deliveries, holiday clothing vouchers, interest-free loans, Career counseling and retraining, big brother/sister, psychological support, educational evaluations, youth clubs, music lessons, and driving lessons when a license is needed for employment.

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