22 March 2011

Dil Se Campaign - Delhi, India.

Do not bet indifferent 
Dil Se envisions a humane and just society, which is free from hunger, hatred, violence, injustice and every form of deprivation which denies to people their social and economic right; where every person has equitable access to life of hope and dignity.

The Dil Se Campaign was launched in June 2005.The Government of Delhi identified the Centre for Equity Studies (CES) as the nodal agency for managing residential homes for street children in allocated government buildings. Since then CES has been coordinating the Dil Se Campaign in managing these residential homes in Delhi and later in Hyderabad.

Aman Biradari is a well-known social campaign and this is an umbrella campaign for The Dil Se Campaign (For more general information of Aman Biradari, visit the homepage; http://www.amanbiradari.org/dilse.html

The Centre for Equity Studies (CES) was founded in August 2000. It is an autonomous institution engaged in research and advocacy on issues of social injustice. It seeks to enquire into the nature and causes of social injustice and inequity and to collectively find methods of moving towards a more equitable world. It attempts to influence public policy in favour of people suffering from injustice.

Dil Se and People - Dil Se Events - Education - Field Works - Residential Homes

How The Dil Se Campaign Started and Why We Should Start It.

You can simply click here and volunteer us to share your gifts with our children contributing to the futures of them and India.

Want to help? Make contact, click Dil Se Campaign


Sailor said...

Beautiful post and thanks for taking the time to spreed the need for humanity around us.

Art by Colugnatti said...
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Parimal Tripathi said...

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Hannah said...

I truly enjoy your blog. :) Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing!

Hannah said...

Hi Isha!

I've awarded you with the Stylish Blogger award :)


Ah Ram Lee said...

Dear Adelle,I have just come back. Thanks for your lovely posting~!! :) Your posting will spread stories of children to more people and help them to step closer to their future. Thanks for everything. :)