19 August 2010

Relief for victims of floods in Pakistan

For many Pakistanis, the recent floods are only the latest disaster to impact their lives. Areas which have recently experienced insecurity are among the very worst affected. Many people in the North West had already been displaced as a result of violence, and had only recently returned home to rebuild their lives.

Others have only just recovered from recent earthquakes, which shook the northern areas in 2005 and Baluchistan in 2008. The floods will also exacerbate chronic problems due to poverty, making people more vulnerable to malnutrition or disease. Thousands of acres of crops have been washed away, and there is a significant risk of an outbreak of waterborne diseases.

Make your help for the Red Cross* and help the Pakistanis:
Donate to the Red Cross Pakistan floods appeal


Ricky said...

These are very unfortunate tragedies. It seems like more and more man-made and natural disasters are happening nowadays.

Sister Mary said...

I'm glad you talk also about Red Cross in this blog, because I've been a volunteer for pretty long time :). Their action is close to my heart as my will for helping people comes from God, they have anti-racism action, action for helping the lonely... and because my boyfriend is from Iraq, another country of conflicts, humanitarian rights are close to my heart. I'm always glad to stand for the International Red Cross :).

Sister Mary said...

I'm glad you write also about Red Cross in your blog :). I've been a volunteer for pretty long time and I find their action so close to my heart. I'm always proud of helping people in the name of the Red Cross because I find anti-racism work and helping the lonely, the disable, the old and the refugees important. My boyfriend is a refugee from Iraq so humanitarian rights mean to me much.