03 August 2010

Israeli Charity TEN YAD / Brazil

The soul-warming soup

The institution's priority is not to allow recession's cruel arm to impair human being's ability to respond to the hardships of life. Financial distress can become a dreadful prison for the individual. Throughout its 15 years of existence, Ten Yad - "lending a hand" has developed special food programs that attend to specific groups of users.

More than 2.100 people receive hot and nutritious meals every day through the 10 programs currently under operation, including the unprecedented "Meals on Wheels" program that ensures food safety for elderly people who cannot displace themselves due to severe health problems.

Full meals at home for who assisted unable to locomotion
:: Care in home for constrained to attend to in a public refectory
: :Regular visits to the care delivered by social workers
:: Motorized system of supply in two shifts
:: Use of "hot dishes" and hygienic practices.

Rua Ribeiro de Lima, 530 - Bom Retiro - SP - BR - Cep: 01122-000
E-mail: tenyad@tenyad.org.br
Bank Account: Banco Itaú - Agência: 0064 - Conta: 33460-0


armalu said...

Que bom que neste mundo conturbado ainda à pessoas capaz de se entregar a causas humanitárias, e da maneira que este mundo louco se comporta tudo ´é pouco, a guerra, a seca, os incêndios , e até as chuvas doidas nuns locais e as secas noutros, têm virado tudo ao contrario.bj feliz fim de semana para todo o mundo

Madama said...

Hello to both of you. We are sorry that we do not get much time to spend time in our friends blogs. We hope that your baby is fine and happy.

sm said...

great job
thanks for sharing information

Anonymous said...

Olá fascinante este site parece muito estruturado.........boa:)
Muito agradável Continua deste modo !!