08 August 2010

B'nai Darfur - Sons of Darfur

The Darfur refugees in Israel.

On August 15th, 2007, Sons of Darfur was established in Israel. Sons of Darfur is a non-profit humanitarian organization, that works to develop a communal identity for Darfurian refugees in Israel through provision of social, health, educational and cultural programming and services. Aim is to empower the community; help individual members achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence while acting together to advance socio-economic status as a group. While we primarily assist the Darfurian community, the group also provides vital assistance and consultation to other refugee communities such as those from South Sudan and Eritrea.

In the short time since founding, have achieved the following:
- We have found housing for more than 17 families and assisted some 1,000 single refugees in employment and housing.
- We have conducted in-depth interviews and registration of some 750 Darfuris.
- Together with the Tel Aviv Municipality, we have registered 100 children for school.
- We have established regular Hebrew and English language lessons for adults.

The presence in Israel, and meetings with government officials, has raised awareness of the genocide occurring in Darfur. This activism has encouraged the Israeli government to assist the community in Israel and advocate on behalf of ending the genocide in Darfur.
B'nai Darfur is committed to ensuring that our community realizes its potential to be positive and contributing members of Israeli society while using our strong position to assist other, less fortunate, refugee communities in Israel.

You can help - http://www.bnaidarfur.org/?q=node/1
E-mail office@bnaidarfur.org

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