15 June 2010

Operation Promise

Our Jewish story begins with a promise, passed from generation to generation like a golden chain, etched in our collective memories and recorded in our books. This promise represents our hope to be a free people, to return to our historic homeland and to create a better future; it represents our dream to be a compassionate people, whose purpose it is to make the world a better place.

The Jewish Agency for Israel along with the federations of North America accept this promise as our legacy and our opportunity. We are responsible for one another’s safety, health and quality of life. And Operation Promise reminds us of our commitment to a rich tradition of generosity and justice that are the hallmark of the Jewish people.

$160 Million in New Funding Over Three Years

Operation Promise has been launched to continue and expand the already extraordinary achievements of the federation movement: Caring for hundreds of thousands of needy elderly and building and supporting the next generation of Jewish life in the FSU; and bringing the Ethiopian Jewish community home to Israel and helping them to take their rightful place in Israeli society. The programs are in place; the urgent needs have been well documented. Now is the time to implement the plan: $160 million in new funding over the next three years.

- $23 million for the Falas Mura in Ethiopia: for maintaining the compounds, providing assistance with food, rent and healthcare, and operating several feeding programs; Hebrew-language education and other vital aliyah preparation to help ensure a smoother absorption; and airfare to Israel.

- $40 million for the initial absorption of the Falas Mura as the rate they arrive in Israel doubles from 300 to 600 each month; the absorption centers and the programs and services provided must be expanded.

- $37 million towards critical initiatives to improve the educational opportunities for all Ethiopians, who, without these opportunities, are in danger of becoming part of a permanent underclass.

- $30 million for needy elderly Jews in the FSU who live in poverty, with virtually no government safety net.

- $30 million for programs to connect to a generation of young Jews in the FSU, with no roots in Jewish life. Falling short means that we may lose them forever.


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