08 May 2010

The TikkunTree Project

A community art project: growing peace stitch by stitch
Welcome to the site of the TikkunTree Project, a community knitting tivist art project dedicated to advocacy of peace between Jews and Palestinians in Israel and Diaspora. With the contributions of many, the TikkunTree’s foliage will be abundant, overwhelming, inspiring. It’s leaves and branches will shelter doves, and it’s canopy will guard a silent candle vigil from the winds of conflict. Please knit, crochet, sew, embroider, tat, and make for peace!

Inspirations: This project is inspired by

About our header: many, many thanks to Armenian tile artist Neshan Balian for permission to use the image of his “Olive Tree of Jerusalem” mural (link here). Shterakravetsun Balian!


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Wise Take said...

What a wonderful project!

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