25 May 2010

The Orphanage Lily of The Valley

The Orphanage Lily of The Valley, is a brazilian philanthropic institution and aims to accommodate orphans, abandoned and withdrawn from the paternal power for the law, from two years old.

Remain under guard until complete eighteen, providing them with the household education, secular ethics Christian of families in the social system, with their social parents.

Provide educationals opportunities for vocational training.
Develop social, cultural, sports and recreation, to promote good physical, emotional and spiritual health of inmates, encouraging them citizenship.

Provide on first step, adapting the procedure to new home and life with all of the residents of ORPHANAGE LILY OF THE VALLEY, promoting rehabilitation and restore physical, psychological and spiritual, through the assistance diuturnal, using the resources available materials and resources human volunteer professionals, all moviments in the direction of the Orphanage and Social Parenthood.

In the second step, the Lily of the Valley Orphanage seeks to adapt the built the best way to introduce it in secular education, using the public schools of Macaíba - RN, according to the knowledge acquired or recorded of the newcomer's, enrolling the school grade-compatible.

"You are our Gd, for by thee the fatherless findeth mercy ..." - Isaiah 14; 3

The institution serves children in one of the poorest regions of Brazil and need help to continue its work caring. If you want help, click here to learn more and get relevant information.


Roder Rock said...


I know that long before you become mother for Hannah was already the mother of some children (about 10 already?). Some of them do not know, others yes. You make work in silence, or rather, use this space on your blog to scream your gasp, your cry has a virtue of subtlety to remind us how much we must learn to be generous. I know how many tears you shed, watering your keyboard ...

I hope one day to have one drop of his nectar of love and kindness.

Thanks, you're wonderful and I admire you very much.
*We love you.

mundo said...

Hello Isha, hOw about you , I hope Ok, and I waitting for good new about your Baby , XD

Madama Sebastian said...

Hello to both of you...

Thank you so much for visiting us and the comments

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Madama Sebastian said...


Congratulations to Both of you....