05 March 2010

Jews and Arabs - Promoting coexistence and equality

The Abraham Fund Initiatives is a non-profit organization working since 1989 to promote integration and equality between Jews and Arabs citizens of Israel, for a prosperous, safe and just society. The association called on the name of Abraham / Ibrahim, the common father of Jews and Arabs, and she works to advance policy based on social models for innovative projects run over - the scope of public relations activities.

The Abraham Fund Initiatives team has about twenty-five workers, Jews and Arabs, and is managed jointly by Amnon Beeri - Sulitzeanu Mohammed Darawshe. Chairman of the board is entrepreneur Orni Petrushka.

Key initiatives:

Bridge cultural and language: Arabic language and culture studies in elementary schools Hebrew, in order to provide knowledge and understanding of Arab culture, to motivate positive change in consciousness toward Arab society establish the profession Arab Studies basic classes required to adulthood. The project starts about a hundred Hebrew schools across the country, in partnership with local government, with the Education Ministry and other bodies. In addition to the program developed and implemented in schools, qualified teachers in Arab initiative for teaching Arabic, established a website for teaching Arabic E-Learning sessions are Jewish and Arab students in Arabic culture and activities in schools participating in the program.

Policing a divided society: promoting equal policing service, fair and respect, while establishing good relationship between the Arab community and the police. The project was developed following the "October 2000" to assist in implementing recommendations of the Or Commission "with the understanding that the police is the focus of friction between the minority and the government and represents the sovereign in the area. The project focuses on the development of applied models for community policing, training of officers (including senior command) consolidation of dialogue between the Arab leadership and the police.
Employment of Arab women - Rican resuscitation (life partnership): training and integration of non-Arab population of employed women in the labor market. In order to empower women Bkailotihn, to reduce poverty in Arab society and promote the Israeli economy as a whole. The project operates in cooperation with the Galilee Tb"t (momentum in employment) of JDC-Israel "and the Employment Service, including the Arab community campaign, training of women, employment and support them Hshmtn during Hasktn.

Cooperation between Arab and Jewish authorities - "texture Galilee: Galilee heart development as a model for living together in the country involved. The project includes cooperation between Jewish and Arab mayors for the development of joint regional projects; Action Jewish - Arab joint environmental, health and regional planning and development; Arabic Course Karmiel Municipality employees and regional events marking Jewish Partnership - Arabic. All this in order to develop policies applied models for living together, which can be implemented in dozens of areas involved in Israel.

Public persuasion Government Relations: Enhancing familiarity of the decision makers in the Arab society in Israel and characteristics challenge, and raising awareness that the integration and equality between Jews and Arabs are critical to the future state, especially in relation to promoting a political settlement areas, economic benefit, social security and stability, Israel's status moral benefits world - different value.

Resource Center for educators to citizenship and living together: Enabling a Web site bi - lingual (Hebrew / Arabic), designed for teachers, educators and engage in education and civil aspects (Commonground.cet.ac.il (. The site is designed to strengthen education to reinforce the civil and education for living together in Jewish and Arab schools in Israel. through a comprehensive collaborative database, also entered - by users themselves, including plans, proposals, activities, materials and information on a variety of democracy, citizenship and social involvement and education together.

For more information visit http://www.abrahamfund.org/


Sunshine and Baba said...

Sunshine Here. Always reading your wonderful updates. You are a sweetheart. Wish more people were like you. That would have brought lots of peace and harmony to this world.

I always wonder why fight in the name of religion and God. We are not believers anymore tho we both were brought up catholic when we were kids by hard core catholic parents.

We don't deny any God or religion as long as we are not forced in a conversation to take any gods side and advices to convert to any religion.

It is so wonderful to see that at least few souls are trying hard to keep humans together under humanity and not differentiate or discriminate by what they believe or teach the followers to hate the people who don't believe in there god.

Thank you for sharing. We will have all our support from our hearts to people who advocate humanity, love and world peace.

Loved the song Mi'Ma'amakim "Out Of The Depths" in your page.

Hugs and peace

Kata said...

Award for you in my blog:) You are lovely!

God and love be with you

Chris said...

Nice Blog. God bless you. That picture is so nice.

Cyrus Rumi said...

Such a nice posting...keep it up friend:)

Cyrus Rumi

satire and theology said...

This seems a reasonable project, and I like the photo as it promotes peace.

Anonymous said...

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