08 February 2010

What is meaning of the word Shalom?

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It is only peace or is deeper than that?

The deeper meaning of the word Shalom is not only peace, as is known by most people. In Hebrew the word Shalom comes from the word Shalem - which means whole, complete.

In the modern world Shalom is used as a greeting - "good morning", "good afternoon", "Hello" or "stay in peace".

Consider the meaning of the word in its original root: Shalom means peace, prosperity, health, wholeness, security! Shalom means much more than the absence of war! It means integrity, harmony and fulfillment that ideas are closest to the meaning of the word. Shalom is the implicit idea that relationships are not disrupted by other people and wish success for people in their contracts.

In its biblical occurrences, shalom is linked to the outcome of the divine covenant (Berit) and is also the result of righteousness. In many cases describes the state of satisfaction and accomplishment, which is the result of the presence of God!

The Messiah, son of David is identified as the Prince of Peace (Sar Shalom), which brings prosperity and righteousness to the earth! So, welcome us with Shalom is also a desire and a prophetic ministry to the lives of those who receive this Shalom!

When we do that we released on the lives of those we welcome peace, prosperity, integrity and righteousness! Then you also receive the Shalom of the Eternal God of Israel!

We can learn an important lesson: That uniting the forces of all is to not let anyone abandoned. And so we deserve the blessing that says: "Hashem Al Bashalom Amô Yevarech" - "God Bless His People With Peace."


.Leonardo B. said...

[então, que a paz esteja entre os puros de coração...]

um imenso Shalom

Leonardo B.

alezandri said...

Shalom Adelle :)

I love to learn more and more about all cultures that shall ensure a better world, full of peace, harmony, simplicity ... SHALOM!

I saw what you said and I left there in response to DE. In short, if you want, has my help, just tell me.


Luz Espírta Blog said...

Eu sempre quis saber o significado desta palavra. Que a paz esteja com você e sua família ou SHALOM!

Anonymous said...

Visão emocionante neste blogue, reflexôes como aqui vemos dignificam aos que observar neste sítio .....
Faz mais deste blog, aos teus amigos.