24 February 2010

Purim is the Jewish Feast of Joy

What is Purim?
by Rabbi Shraga Simons

Purim is the Jewish holiday most dramatic and full of joy.

When, another date we can dress in funny costumes and eat candy triangles filled with prunes and poppy seeds?

We celebrate on 14 Adar. This year (2010), Saturday evening, February 27 and Sunday 28 February, during the day.

It originates from the word "Pur" - draw. Regarding the date on which Haman, the advisor King's Achashverrosh, has drawn out and marked for the annihilation of the Jewish people. In fact, became the lucky date of the Jewish people, when it was saved and came up victorious. That year marked forever the day that is celebrated with great joy the feast of Purim. On this date we should be to read the book of Esther.

In Persia 2,300 years ago, the "Megillah" - scroll, as it is commonly called recounts how a series of seemingly unrelated events that occurred to save the Jewish people from annihilation.

When King Achashverosh made a long feast of six months and the queen refuses to obey his orders, she was replaced by a new queen, Esther, the Jewess.

Esther's uncle Mordechai, the leader of the Jews, uncovers a plot to kill King, which puts him in a favorable position with the king. All this happens while Haman, the most important adviser to the king, obtains a decree to kill all Jews. In the end, through a complex mix of events, Esther gets the decree reversed, Haman is hanged and this, and Mordechai becomes prime minister. The name Megillat Esther (Scroll of Esther) means to reveal what is hidden.

And unlike other books of the Bible, on "Megillat Esther" the name of God is not mentioned even once. The hidden hand of God is revealed through the maze of events.

There are no coincidences. The "Megillat Esther" teaches us that life challenges us so we can give what is best in us, and what seems like obstacles are really opportunities for us to develop better. And all this comes from the invisible hand of God, that guides our destiny, and every step we take.


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