27 February 2010

The Mitzvot of Purim

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Read the Scroll of Esther - Megillah Esther
To relive the miraculous events of Purim, we hear the reading of Megillah, this year (2010) Saturday evening, February 27, and again on Sunday, February 28, during the day. The two readings are required.
When the name of Haman is mentioned it is noise with the "grogger" (noise-maker) stifle his name with the noise. Reading listened carefully so that no word to be lost.

Gifts to the less-fortunate - Matanot L'Evyonim
Interest and dedication to the needy is a responsibility throughout the year. Particularly on Purim, the mitzvah is more important to remember the less fortunate. Give a donation to at least two people in need throughout the day. The best way to fulfill this mitzvah is through direct donation. If you do not find any person with this condition deposit some money in the tzedakah boxes.

Send food - Mishlo'ah Manot
On Purim we emphasize the merits of Jewish unity and friendship by sending gifts to friends in the form of food. Send in the course of domindo, February 28, at least one friend at least two edible species kosher (solids and liquids) ready to eat (for example, candy, fruit, drinks, etc.

Participate in a festive meal - Seudah
Like all festivals, a special meal is made to celebrate Purim (including meat and wine), when family and friends gather to celebrate the date. This meal takes place on Sunday.


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