01 November 2009

Migdal Ohr - Tower of Light

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This man started a charity with nothing, but his will done an excellent job and deserves the support of those who can help!

Migdal Ohr - Tower of Light was established in 1972 for the express purpose of providing education and social guidance to the children from underprivileged and troubled homes ifrom across Israel. Overcrowded apartments, one-parent families, homes with drug problems, impoverished, crime-ridden families--these are the target populations from which Migdal Ohr draws its over 6,000 pupils at all levels of the educational spectrum. Its goal - to transform these students into proud and productive citizens of Israel.

Contact Us - 6 Belilius St. - P.O. Box 5507 Jerusalem 94704 ISRAEL
(Please include both the street address and the P.O. Box)
Email - info@migdal-ohr.org.il

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Muito bacana a iniciativa de ajudar!
Parabéns pela postagem, por divulgar!

Abraço, querida! =)