28 August 2010

'Justice and only justice will we should follow'

Nowadays nothing is more important than being fair and make acts of loving-kindness

The name "Tzedakah" comes from Hebrew and means exactly; "social justice with charity". This word tzedakah has a wider significance, because charity is not only give when you have. Tzedakah assumes that what you have, in left is missing to someone.

The concept of "Tikkun Olam" - "Repair the World" has to be part of our principles. If we can not end poverty, at least try to help our neighbors out of it, if you donate one jacket, for example, you practicing a mitzvah (commandment, precept).
The Hebrew word "tzedakah" is commonly translated as "charity" or "tithe" and is partly wrong. The "charity" implies that your heart motivates you to go beyond the simple function. Tzedakah, literally means "righteousness", ie, do the right thing with responsibly.

A "tzaddik" also is a person of integrity, someone who fulfills all its obligations.
The verse says: Tzedek, tzedek you should follow - Justice, justice you should follow, that thou mayest live and inherit the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee. (Deut. 16:20)

There is a basic human responsibility to be fair to the next. Nobody needs to be rich to do justice. Give with joy, you can donate money, time, clothes, foods, kindness or something. Doing this is a statement that "I do what I can to help."

This is the Jewish concept of "Tikkun Olam" - "Repair the World".


Kata said...

Hello my new friend,nice to meet you.
I was interesting to hear how the Jews to chrismas and more Jews.I love Israel and jews.My brother is travelling there and then Iam children we have jews party we home.
I dont remember what it was.

Shalom and speace you too.

You have got very beautifuls and interesting blog space=)

I`m happy to now you better.God bless be with you always!T:Kata

Isha Shiri said...
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Ricky said...

This was very educational! Thanks for the post. I like your blog and I will re-visit soon.

armalu said...

Olá amiga! pois é eu aqui outra vez.
Não conheço nada da tua religião mas gosto da maneira como te esplicas e nos vais ensinando, e mais acredito, que o conhecimento só nos pode dar luz. bj para ti Roder.