05 October 2009

The Sager Family Traveling Foundation

Donna Karan is co-hosting the launch party of “The Power of the Invisible Sun,” by Bobby Sager. The Urban Zen New York City store joins the celebration with an exhibition of his photographs. The exhibition showcases powerful photographs of children taken in war-torn areas of Afghanistan, Rwanda, Iraq, Pakistan, and Palestine. Over the past decade, Bobby Sager has been traveling the world – donating to causes he believes in. Practicing what he called “eyeball to eyeball philanthropy,” he established The Sager Family Traveling Foundation. The vision was to experience communities and cultures first hand while simultaneously creating programs for assistance, with the ultimate goal of transforming these programs into self- sustaining entities. Bobby found himself drawn to the stories in the faces of the children he met, and started photographing them. “The hope in their eyes is their gift to us – a light to ignite our optimism, perhaps even our action.” Read more about Bobby Sager at www.teamsager.org.
Urban Zen NYC store 705 Greenwich Street New York, NY 10014

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