19 October 2009

Pelé, The King's School

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Pele's Dream is reality
Fruit of the partnership and friendship between entrepreneurs Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Pele, Pepe and Altstut, P & P takes action sports and social events aimed at spreading the practice of football - the passion of King Pele
Pele says:''I always wanted to build a kindergarten, a soccer team and a college for the sport, through serious projects, forming good citizens. "This dream is a reality in the city of Santos, in Sao Paulo .

With the creation of P & P works in the neighborhood of Boqueirão King's School, a project of responsibility, which reveals new talent and promotes football as a factor for social inclusion.
The successful partnership between Pelé and Pepe Altstut - another big sports fan - also made possible the creation of the Coast Football Club (LFC). In addition to introducing young talent in professional football, LFC expands its space in the sports scenario, with the formation of a competitive team, whose soul force in the spirit of football.

"The biggest concern of the King is the project with the most disadvantaged children and be with Pele as part of his greatest dream is a great honor and satisfaction," said the chairman Denys Altstut.

Council King
"My father always told me that God gave me the gift of playing football. This was a gift, but that was not enough to just be a great player, I would have to be also a great man, so that nothing could defeat me. This is My message to all who pass by this school.
*Pelé - *Edson Arantes do Nacimento

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