29 October 2009

Ninet Tayeb, Hi Yoda'at – She Knows

Singer Ninet Tayeb
Hi Yoda'at - She knows (use Google Translator for your language)

Hi yoda'at, Anashim tamid Omrim lah - She knows, people always say to her
Anashim mit'arvim lah rak - people always interfere with your
lil'bosh mah, mah le'echol - what to wear, what to eat
nachon mah, mah nachon it - what is right and what is not right

Melach'shim mah hem choshvim - they whisper what they think
meshat'fim mah hem rotzim - take part in how they want
eich asur, kamah mutate - How is prohibited, as is allowed
hi im efshar efshar - it is possible or not

Ta'asi vetel'chi, til'medi - You must go and do, learn
vetir'i eich berega, - and you'll see in a moment,
berega kov'shim ta'olam - in a brief moment of world conquest
titz'rechi, tish'teki - scream out loud, be quiet,
rak tavo'i, bo'i chizri elai - just come, come back to me

Ken, hi yoda'at - Yes, she knows
shehu tamid mak'shiv lah - he always hears you
shehu zeh shemar'eh lah - it is what it is showing
mar'eh et ha'emet, mah mah lakachat latet - showing you the truth, which have, to give
ve'im atah atah shome'a ulai yode'a - and if you're listening, maybe you know
eich mam'shichim mikan - how to go from here

Ta'asi vetel'chi, tilmadi ... - You must go and do, learn ...

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