21 October 2009

Musician of Heliópolis was chosen by Zubin Mehta

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Musician of Heliopólis, a very poor district of Sao Paulo in Brazil, was chosen by Maestro Zubin Mehta and shipped to Israel
The young bassist Institute Baccarelli travels toward Tel Aviv

Young, Adriano Costa Chaves, embarks on 22 August to Tel Aviv, where he will join the Academy of the Israel Philharmonic. Student of the Baccarelli Institute, Adriano is a student of bass and was recognized by the great maestro Zubin Mehta for a little over a year in their own community.

At the time, at the invitation of the Votorantim Institute and the Center of Jewish Culture, Zubin Mehta, one of the greatest rulers of the world, went to the largest slum in Latin America to meet the Baccarelli Institute, recommended as a reference for music education people in situations of social vulnerability. Even without knowing what level of music would encounter, Mehta attended the choir presentations of children, beginning students in violin, and finally, the Heliópolis Symphony, conducted by maestro Roberto Tibiriçá.

At the time the orchestra performed the 5th. Symphony of Beethoven, Zubin Mehta stood amazed and then took off his jacket to take the baton of the group. In later testimony, the conductor admitted he was so nervous and excited as the first time was in charge of an orchestra.

Soon after this time apotheosis for each of the young musicians, the direction of the Institute decided to submit the Zubin Mehta one student in particular, a talented bass player, Adriano. Tense, but safe, Adriano ran a solo part of the Concerto for Double Bass by Domenico Dragonetti. With only 17 years old, surprised the maestro Mehta with his performance and it received a scholarship at the Academy's Symphony Orchestra in Israel.

Thereafter, was prepared, in a year, embarking on a new country, a new continent, with a culture quite different from Brazil. The Center of Jewish Culture was responsible for promoting travel and offer all the structure to adapt to Adriano, who received lessons in Jewish culture, Hebrew, and also have a follow-up in Tel Aviv.

Baccarelli Institute also took steps to reinforce the lessons bass student who daily studied at 6 to 8 hours a day focused on your goal. Adriano Costa Chaves became a living model of hope for all students who study music at the Institute. The certainty that you can encounter a talent in a community so devoid of basic resources necessary for human development, has permeated the lives of each child and youth in the region to participate in cultural activities. That first plane trip is just the first of many that will be part of Hadrian's life world.

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