25 October 2009

The Jews of Ethiopia - Operation Solomon

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For nearly 3,000 years, the black Jews of Ethiopia, known as Falashas and call themselves Beta Israel maintained their faith and identity struggle against hunger, drought and tribal wars. It is believed that they were part of one of the ten lost tribes, their ancestors dating back to King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba (Saba).

In May 1991, the Falash staged a miraculous exodus. With Ethiopia involved in deep and brutal civil war, 14,200 members of this community were flown to Jerusalem for the Defense Forces Israel. The operation lasted 25 hours.

The hero who conceived and organized the incredible rescue was then Israel's ambassador to Ethiopia, Asher Naim. The epic has been narrated in the book Saving the Lost Tribe, in which Naim relates with humor and knowledge of the action that became known as Operation Solomon.
In the fall of 1990, when he was appointed by the Israeli government for the post of ambassador in Addis Ababa, its identification with the Ethiopian Jews was immediate. He wanted to continue "Operation Moses, established in 1985 by the Israeli secret service, Mossad, in conjunction with the American agency CIA for three years, tried to take the country 14 thousand Falashas through the Sudan, bringing them boat to Israel. The success of that operation was on, because at the time, only eight thousand people managed to escape and the rest fell ill on the trip and many returned to Ethiopia. Many families were thus separated. - To be continued ....

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PJP said...

É isso aí!!! teu blog é dez !!! MUITO OBRIGADO PRIMEIRO DE TUDO por me acompanhar =-) gostei dessa postagem sobre a Etiopia

Talvez esse seja um vicio humano, achar que alguém pode expiar e perdoar nossas culpas e nossos pecados.

Enquanto isso nossa soberba cresce, sem percebermos que 1/5 dos outros são humilhados e lutam contra fome há séculos.

Deus na sua infinita sabedoria nos deu leis simples, que se fossem aplicadas todos os dias, individualmente, tornaria nosso coletivo o paraíso aqui neste mundo.

Na verdade, na verdade isso me dói muito.

That's it! your blog is ten! THANK YOU FIRST OF ALL I keep by =-) liked this post about ethiopia

Perhaps this is a human vice, find someone who can atone and forgive our sins and our sins.

Meanwhile our pride grows, without realizing that 1 / 5 of others are humiliated and fight against hunger for centuries.

God in his infinite wisdom gave us simple laws, which if applied every day, individually, collectively make our paradise here in this world.

In fact, it actually hurts me a lot.