28 January 2011

The Children-Youth Orchestra of Guitars

The Children-Youth Orchestra of Guitars of Children's Home in Sao Paulo - Brazil, plans to offer an alternative to a new life project. Provide opportunities for young people with musical skills, to graduate and be multipliers in their social sphere.

The goal of social organizations, and the Children's Home of CIP is no different, is able through their actions and responsibilities, see the positive effect and impact of this action, and, ultimately, to see lives transformed as a demonstration of achievement and progress.

Preservation of Cultural and Social Responsibility are the premises of our partnership. The art is in service to this commitment.

25 January 2011

The Children's Home - Lar da Crianças da CIP

Institution for Charity, founded in 1937, The Children's Home - "Lar das Crianças" da CIP - Congregação Israelita Paulista, has a core of care for children, young and families in vulnerable situations, either due to emotional, social and / or economic.

The home has its headquarters for 60 years in the neighborhood of Alto da Boa Vista in São Paulo City, borough and district of Santo Amaro, with reference to their area of expertise in the local community.

Currently serves about 250 children and young people from 3 years old until their vocational training.

The children remain in the body during the day and all return to their homes later in the day. Receive food from home, medical, dental, psychological, speech therapy and teaching.

The young people receive all necessary support for their training and to enable them to professionalize themselves properly.

The organization also offers many educational workshops and courses, as well as a space for recreation, sports, library, computer lab, as well as social and cultural activities, such as the Youth Orchestra of Guitars.

Orquestra Infanto-Juvenil de Violões está sob regência e arranjos do Maestro Cláudio Weizmann
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09 January 2011

SOS Children's Villages - Brazil

SOS Children's Villages is active in 132 countries and territories worldwide. The variety of this international work is brought together by the umbrella organisation SOS-Kinderdorf International, which unites all of the autonomous national associations.

SOS Children's Village of Sao Bernardo do Campo - SP, Brazilis located in a wildlife sanctuary about 35 kilometers southeast of San Paulo City. SOS Children's Village of Sao Bernardo do Campo was built on a five acre wooded site near a dam and opened its doors in April 1970.

SOS Children's Village consists of twelve houses, where up to 81 children can find a new home. In addition, a house called SOS Aunts (SOS mother trainees or family helpers who support the SOS mothers during their daily work and fill in for them when they are sick or on vacation), and an area of administration and service. Children's Village SOS Children usually attend local schools.

An SOS Social Centre provides care diary up to 165 pre-school children from the local community. An SOS Youth Facility in the city sleeps up to 24 young people from SOS Children's Village. Young people tend to move from the SOS Children's Village SOS Youth mechanism when they start a vocational training course or go for higher education. With the support of young skilled workers, young people develop realistic perspectives for the future, learn to take responsibility and increasingly make their own decisions. They are encouraged to develop team spirit and create contacts with relatives and friends as well as with authorities and potential employers.

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