15 March 2011

The Jerusalem Hills Children's Home

The Jerusalem Hills Children's Home, is JWI (Jewish Women International) cornerstone program since 1943, treats Israel's most vulnerable and neglected children, helping them to overcome the trauma of their early years.

The Children's Home offers a home and treatment for about 100 boys and girls ages 7-18 from all sectors of Israeli life. The facility is internationally known for its unique approach, emphasizing drug-free treatment, intensive counseling, family involvement in the rehabilitative process, and an intensive training program for professional staff. Children are able to attend school on-site as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. In addition to residential treatment, the Children's Home also runs an out-patient clinic.

An accredited training center for special education, social work and clinical psychology students, the Children's Home conducts research programs and exchanges information with Ben Gurion University, Hebrew University, the Yale University Child Study Center, Baylor University and other international institutions. Mental health professionals worldwide look to the program for new methods to aid troubled children.

Almost 1,000 children have graduated from the Children's Home, with an average stay of four years. The program is credited with the greatest success -- a recovery rate of 60% -- of any institution of its kind. It is a registered "amutah" (a not-for-profit organization) funded by Israel’s Ministries of Health, Education, and Welfare, and supported by JWI and friends throughout the world.

Please support the Children's Home with a donation today.

On July 7, 2009, the Children's Home dedicated its brand new facility in Kyriat Yearim, outside Jerusalem.




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