31 March 2011

Hasdei Naomi - Food to the Needy

Hasdei Naomi was founded in 1984 by Rabbi Yosef Cohen.

While sending his small children to school, he noticed that there were children arriving with torn briefcases and worn out clothing and he was deeply disturbed by this sight and felt badly for those families.

Rabbi Cohen, went, himself, from door to door, collecting food products and distributed them to the poor. After a while an entire array of volunteers was added, storage warehouses were formed, mobile collection-carts were distributed for collecting products. And today, Hasdei Naomi supports over a thousand families on a permanent basis as well as many others from time to time.

“Hasdei Naomi” takes care of those children and sends their families a box of basic products, such as canned goods, oil, vegetables, bread, laundry powder and sweets for the child. Dozens of products are being sent every month to more than 5000 families. The value of one box is about 500 NIS (today 500 Israeli shekels = 143.95 U.S. dollars).

The boxes which are given to needy families and widows, are distributed by a messenger from a courier service, in order to disguise the purpose of the mission and to spare the women and children the unnecessary embarrassment.

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Sailor said...

Thats a nice initiative !

mhoward said...

New follower , all ways. :) Really enjoying your blog- lots of good information.

Shar said...

I love what your doing with your blog! It's really for a great cause! I'm your newest follower!

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