28 October 2010

Miracles Happen at Meshi!

Meshi was founded in 1998 by Hadassah Zuravin and her daughter Lifsha Feldman, who refused to accept a neurologist’s dire prognosis for their granddaughter and daughter, Ruchama. Although the infant’s disabilities seemed overwhelming, these women set their sights on creating a new, unprecedented rehabilitation center for Ruchama and countless other children in desperate need.

Since its inception, Meshi has set a new standard for the care and education of children with severe neurological and muscular disabilities. The handpicked staff has been given the freedom to initiate the world’s top treatments to provide the very best care. Like Ruchama, Meshi’s children are now making truly gigantic strides to reach their potential---and beyond.

Today, 196 children, from age six months to 13 years are enrolled in Meshi’s nursery, kindergarten and school. Due to a grave shortage of space, nearly 70% of all new applicants must be turned away.

The unflagging, grassroots efforts of Meshi’s founders, staff and parents has resulted in the creation of a rehabilitative center like no other. Its one-on-one care, wide range of intensive therapies, unique client-centered approach, innovative and pioneering techniques, and top sophisticated equipment combine to create an unprecedented framework for treating and educating severely disabled children.
At the start, Meshi worked in partnership with Jerusalem’s Alyn Hospital, until Meshi’s growth compelled the establishment of its own facility. In 2001, the Donald Berman Meshi Educational and Rehabilitative Center in Jerusalem opened its doors.

Children residing outside Jerusalem began enrolling as well, and soon children from across the world started coming for Meshi’s intensive summer therapy sessions.
By 2003, Meshi’s student population had grown—and so had the students. That year the Meshi School was opened, today serving grades one through seven.

Meshi’s physical facilities have constantly been forced to expand to meet the needs of the rapidly-increasing student body. The Early Childhood Center has been repeatedly renovated. Nearby, the Meshi School is housed in a main building, plus an adjacent apartment for the overflow. Unfortunately, the distance between those facilities—and the need to go outdoors-- places a particular hardship on the children.

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