09 October 2010

Children's Day 2010

CIAM - (2009)
Making a happy reality on "Children's Day"

Here in Brazil we will have the Children's Day on 12 October. We all buy toys as gifts for our own children and others. I think that's great.

It is also customary to many businesses, persons, organizations and NGOs  to donate toys to children living in precarious socio-economic conditions, aid organizations, orphanages, to sick in hospitals, poor comunities and more.

The Love
But all these toys can not replace the more important: the love.

Many children needed more brotherly-love, than toys.. They need loving most of your visit, than what your toy gift.

We have to meet them personally visiting where they are, bring a smile there, an idea to play with them, an interesting activity, games, rides. We need making more during the Children's Day.

But do not forget: Try to do more throughout the year, until the next  "Children's Day".
Let us make the kids believe they can count on that happy day ever, every day, every year.

Make them know they can count on happy days in the future, not only in the "Children's Day."



Rebecca said...

hello Isha,
very nice your action. Unbelieveable!
It is fantastic. It should be more people like you^^

kisses and more^^

say hello to your friends in the world too^^

Steve Bossenberger said...

Hello! Great page. I love what you are doing. If I ever get back down to Brasil, I would love to volunteer some time. I used to live in Bolivia and traveled to Brasil often.

Keep up the great work. You are a very special person.

Anonymous said...

I like the tradition of celebrating 'Children's Day'. We don't have it here, but organisations and hospitals sometimes organise collection of toys from the public to donate to children. And during festivals, we usually hold special dinner for orphans. But I agree with you, regular visits would be better than occasional gift-giving.

Dina said...

Hi, I wrote a comment just now, but don't know what happened to it. Thanks for visiting my site.

waliz said...

hi isha, great job u r doing here.love our children because they are the next generation that we have to depend on for our future.

Orston said...

Hi Adelle!
Very wise post. You are doing a good job. God bless you.


Madre Del'Alma said...

Suas palavras querida Isha emocionam, pois retratam a mais pura das verdades...O SENTIMENTO REAL.
É isso que devemos ensinar e dar o exemplo...
Beijos Carinhosos