28 September 2010

ABADS (former Pestalozzi Society)

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The Brazilian Association for Social Welfare and Development - ABADS is a charitable institution of public utility, with 58 years of existence.

Offer specialized programs and services in the areas of Health, Education and Professional Training for children and young people with intellectual disabilities from 0 to 22 years, therapeutic and educational process to autistics, and intellectual support to the disabled adult in order to encourage the exercise of citizenship - in paradigm - social inclusion.

The actions developed by ABADS are a reference for building an inclusive society (showing its importance in the third sector), because they promote information dissemination, support to families and professional training.

Health - Center for diagnosis and treatment.
Education - Special education school for children and kids.
Support centre for adult intellectual disability.
Professional training.

In ABADS over thirty thousand people are served annually in its various programs and services.

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guímel said...

Muito séria esta proposta da ABADS.
Conheço e participo.


Zezebel said...

Thanks for the information.
Its good to help charity organization. Will check them out now.