22 August 2010

Child Hope Campaign

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Mobilization for the rights of children and youth in Brazil

Launched in 1986, a special program of Trapalhões, 9 hours, the Criança Esperança campaign encouraged the Globo TV to discuss the situation of children and youth.

To disseminate the Universal Declaration of Rights of the Child, the campaign contributed to the inclusion of Article 227 in the 1988 Federal Constitution of Brazil, which guarantees the rights of Brazilian children. Two years later, this article gave rise to the Statute for Children and Adolescents.

Recognized by the UN as an international model, the Children's Hope encourages debate on public policies and changes lives. For two months, all programming Globo binds to present topics related to the campaign, producing special reports, and specific campaign, aiming to report on the application of funds raised.

In 2010, the Child Hope celebrates 25 years. So far, over 200 million dollars in donations have been invested in Brazil in over 5000 social projects. Such contributions have ensured the rights of more than 4 million children and adolescents, have helped reduce work and infant mortality, combating the sexual exploitation of boys and girls and to prepare low-income youth for the labor market.

Child Hope Campaign is a project of Rede Globo in partnership with UNESCO - United Nations organs for Education, Science and Culture.
All money raised by the campaign is directly deposited into the account of the UNESCO since 2004, is responsible for selection, technical and financial monitoring of supported projects.

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