18 August 2010

All persons are equal

Teach your child never to discriminate the persons.
In the vast literature this is truth: Those of us who read Dante, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Fernando Pessoa and other great novelists, we will understand each other and we will feel us the same species, as individuals, in the works of these writers.

We will learn that as human beings, regardless of geographical or social position, color, religion, financial status or historical period, we are equal.

Nothing is better to protect us from the stupidity of prejudice, of racism, xenophobia, religious or political sectarianism and nationalism, this truth that always appears in great literature in East or West: We are all equal.

Nothing is better than reading good literature to learn to see differences in ethnic and cultural richness of the legacy and human expression of our multi-faceted creativity.

The discrimination counteract the fundamental principle of human rights.

Site Compasito:
Manual human rights education for children

"Chinuch" - Education, means shaping the child's character and guide it, step by step, in the paths that will help make it a person of integrity and a good person in its entirety.


Isha Shiri said...

1 Lênin 1 Blog! said...
eu tava brincando falando em ingles porque seu blog estava em ingles ;PP
mas obrigado a visita e tudo mais
até a proxima!
10/10/09 03:42
* Fada * said...
*Obrigada por estares seguindo o *Caderninho,

* Adelle !!!

(*Vou estudar inglês para ler o teu blog !!!


*Ótima quinta-feira !!!

*Fiques com Deus.

*Um abraço.
22/10/09 08:04

Totomel said...

yes we are all equal. take away the appearance, the physical self where colors determines the white and the black; take away the environment and the various culture, and you'll have a precious soul left - a soul which is too precious in the eyes of God.How sad that this soul is often missed out by men in favor of the physical self and the result always lead to discrimination rather than unity.

very interesting blog.

covnitkepr1 said...

As Christians...we must respect everyone as equals.

Rebecca said...

but always will continue a class discrimination.
there will always be discrimination. Sometimes less, sometimes more
I hope, I pray to delete it

Alejandro Kreiner said...

Los niños aprenden por imitación, pienso que la mejor forma de enseñarles a los niños es predicar con el ejemplo.


bhargav said...

Blood has same color, the sizes of fingers and the beats of heart differs to maintain the balance of globe,.V humans (so called as i always believe that v need to do a lot to be said humans)are caged in narrow thaughts to success.
Lets grow and except the thorns to feel the aroma of beautiful roses.