11 July 2010

Philanthropy @ Google

The founders have set a goal of devoting 1% of Google's equity and yearly profits to philanthropy, resources which totaled over $100 million in 2009.

Google.org uses Google's strengths in information and technology to build products and advocate for policies that address global challenges.
Google Flu Trends - A tool that uses aggregated Google search data to estimate flu activity in near real-time for 20 countries.
Google PowerMeter - A home energy monitoring tool that gives you the information you need to use less electricity and save money.
Earth Engine - A computational platform for global-scale analysis of satellite imagery to monitor changes in key environmental indicators like forest coverage.
RE - An effort to develop utility-scale renewable energy at a price cheaper than that of coal.
Google Crisis Response - A team that provides updated imagery, outreach through our web properties, and engineering tools such as the Person Finder application, in the wake of natural and humanitarian crises.
All For Good - A service, developed by Google and other technology companies, that helps people find volunteer opportunities in their community and share them with their friends. All for Good provides a single search interface for volunteer activities across many major volunteering sites and organizations.

Charitable Giving

Googler-led giving to support efforts in our local communities and around the globe (no solicitations accepted).
Corporate Giving Council - A cross-Google team that coordinates support for Googler-led partnerships on causes such as K-12 science/math/technology education and expanding access to information.
Holiday gift - A $22 million donation in 2009 to a couple dozen deserving charities from around the globe in order to help organizations who have been stretched thin by increasing requests for help at a time of lower donations. Gift was in lieu of giving holiday gifts to clients and partners.
Community Affairs - Investments in local communities where Google has a presence, creating opportunities for Googlers to invest their time and expertise in their communities, engage in community grantmaking, and build partnerships with stakeholders in the community.
Google employee matching - Up to $6,000 company match for each employee's annual charitable contributions and $50 donation for every 5 hours an employee volunteers through the "Dollars for Doers" program. 

Engineering Awards and Programs - Information and Tools to Help You Change the World - Google Green Initiatives

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