27 July 2010

The Jewish Funders Network

The Jewish Funders Network (JFN) is an international organization dedicated to advancing the quality and growth of Jewish philanthropy. JFN's members include independent philanthropists, foundation trustees and foundation professionals. It is a unique community that seeks to transform the nature of Jewish giving in both thought and action.

Membership is open to individuals and foundations that give away at least $25,000 annually in philanthropic dollars, and do so through the lens of Jewish values, no matter whether the funds go to a specifically Jewish cause or to a cause more broadly defined.

JFN is not a grantmaking organization and has no political agenda or affiliation. Solicitation information about members is not permitted and all member information is kept strictly confidential.


The mission of the 'Jewish Funders Network' is to help philanthropists maximize the impact of their giving by assisting in: (a) identification of needs and challenges; (b) shaping of individual and collective Jewish responses to those needs and challenges; and (c) pursuit of opportunities to address those needs and challenges, rooted in Jewish values.

JFN represent a broad spectrum of beliefs and attitudes in our membership. We do not shy away from confronting difficult issues, encouraging respectful dialogue, and making hard choices guided by the following principles:

Responsibility (Tikkun Olam - Repair the World) - Together, we face the many pressing problems that exist in the world and are committed to helping funders determine the responsible, ethical use of wealth in creating meaningful solutions. We have the courage to take risks and the willingness to fail in our attempts.

Equality (Betzelem Elohim - all of us are created as equals) - JFN are an open and egalitarian community, where no one member has more power or influence because of his or her wealth, position, religious observance, age, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. Convened as a community of equals, united in our values.

Respectfulness (Derech Eretz) - We listen carefully and respectfully to others. We strive to create a safe place for provocative, confidential conversations about sensitive subjects, such as wealth, class, family dynamics, personal passions, Jewish identity, etc...

Inclusion (Aylu V'aylu - "This and also this") - We are a pluralistic organization, that values the richness of diversity and sees the opportunities for innovation and learning from conflict and divergent views. We promote shared inquiry, education, and informed action.

Partnership (Areyvut) - We do not advocate any particular funding cause, but act as an honest broker, striving to help donors connect with each other and root their giving in Jewish traditions, ethics and values. With humility, we facilitate the efforts of funders to be more effective, and to think critically about the possibilities for — and implications of — their philanthropy.


Slamdunk said...

Sounds like a good organization.

Encouraging dialogue and not being afraid to act is a great combination.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Following you back!

Lígia Guerra said...

Loved your blog and the content.
Congratulations for your work!


Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.