07 July 2010

I'm sorry - Ani Mitzta'eret

 To all friends and followers of my blog.

- I love you all, without distinction. Now I understand how difficult it is visit you all bloggers.. My lack of time can not be a mere excuse, but there was a change in my schedule with for my time and my family. I would take a blogger tool to streamline my contacts with all of you visiting their bloggers more often, but now it has been impossible. I say this for everyone: I'm very grateful.

Adelle (Isha)

To my friends I dedicate this song 
(English subtitles)


Lis. said...

Hello lovely friend...

I'm happy if you're happy, too. I hope that you can forever to work between us. We love you.

In name the your friends.


Adelson (Gerenciando Blog) said...

Hi, Isha!

Thank you for visiting my blog! You're doing a great work here in your blog!


Rebecca said...

hello Isha,
thank you very much for your words.
And for the video!
I will add this video to my favorites in youtube.

Kisses and more^^

Orston said...

Hi Adelle! :)

Beautiful song.
I send you warmest greetings, wishing all the best.


Katariina said...

Dear Adelle:)

I understand.I've often thought about to visit your blog,too.
Between sometimes a hurry,but we are always still important to each other.

Thank you for your beautiful your words.

How can your child?

God be with you and your family.

CherylT said...

That is so cool, to let all your friends know you have not forgotten them, that you are just busy and will be back soon.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I love yours and have added it to the list of blogs I follow.