02 May 2011

"Isha" - Israel Health Advancement for Women

The Initiative "Isha"

ISHA, the Hebrew word for "woman," is an acronym for the Israel Health Advancement for Women.
Launched in 2001 by the Jewish Agency and the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, this vital initiative brings together an international team of healthcare professionals, women's health advocates, academics, lay-leaders and researchers to advance women's health in Israel. The major objective of the ISHA partnership is to harness the collective power of women to improve their health and quality of life and to accord community leaders the tools with which to do so.

This multi-organizational, interdisciplinary program brings together and provides education and training for primary care physicians, health professionals, lay leaders in women's health and academicians, and strives to enhance the knowledge of the medical community on women's health issues, promote consumer awareness and establish women health advocates in communities throughout Israel. The Jewish Agency, with its extensive network and professional staff, is responsible for full implementation of the project.

Our current initiatives include:
Training 'Clalit' medical professionals;
Training Community Women's health advocates;
Promoting the well-being of disadvantaged women soldiers in the IDF;
Establishing leadership and empowerment project for Falash Mura Jewish women and their families;
Isha-Na'ara (Woman-Young Woman)- Raising youth awareness for the need to reduce violence in romantic teen relationships;
Empowering Tipat-Halav nurses to give women practical tools to enhance a healthier lifestyle, etc
For further details contact
Hannah Aharony Soltz
Director "Project Isha"
Phone; 972-2-6202038
Mobile: 972-52-6130208


Slamdunk said...

It sounds like the program will meet many needs. Excellent.


Gostei muito, Isha.
Boa. Muito boa iniciativa. Parabéns!

"A ausência total de fardo faz com que o ser humano se torne mais leve do que o ar, o faz voar, afastar-se da terra, do ser terrestre, torna-o semi-real e os seus movimentos tão livres!"

A Insustentável leveza do ser, Milan Kundera

Estou melhor, voltei; agora eu tenho de sair mesmo.
Durma bem.

♥√شـــذا ♥ روحــــي♥√ said...

Hi my dear friend

Post, very sweet



Katariina said...

Dear Adelle,

I admire you again for this varied and interesting to have written inspirational.Good to have you speaking on behalf of women's affairs.

When their baby born?

God love and peaces.


Katariina said...

Hello dear,Adelle!

I'm so glad that you are my friend.
You make me happy.Hannah is a really beautiful name.Then tell more when she was born.Thanks for the nice your words.You are beautiful Adelle!
So beutiful both internally and externally.

Kisses an the Lord bless you and your family,too.