13 April 2010

Bank of Umbilical Cord Blood

"John is a donor of stem cells umbilical cord"
Aiming contribute to the improvement of medicine in our country and be consistent with their vocation, the Beneficent Society Hospital Albert Einstein is a public bank for umbilical cord blood: the RedeCord.

This initiative, linked to the network BrasilCord the Ministry of Health and with the collaboration of the transfusion centers from Unicamp and USP - Ribeirão Preto, aims to benefit thousands of Brazilians.

Current applications of stem cells in medicine - Stem cells from umbilical cord are used as an alternative to bone marrow transplant to treat leukemia, lymphoma, aplastic anemia and inherited disorders of blood, like sickle cell anemia and thalassemia. Stem cells are derived mainly from bone marrow and, in addition to its use in bone marrow transplantation, recently they have been used in the treatment of refractory cardiac vascular diseases. Other types of stem cells are derived from preimplantation embryos (blastocysts) have great potential for differentiation and, theoretically, could give rise to any tissue type.

World Overview - Banks Umbilical Cord Blood are being created in several countries, especially the global network NetCord, a nonprofit institution, established in Europe. This network, which already has about 180 thousand units frozen gathers associated banks in Europe, Australia, Israel, USA and Japan
In Brazil, the Ministry of Health regulates the operation of banks of umbilical cord blood. For operation of the bank RedeCord also will adopt the principles of ethical and technical NetCord.

Objectives RedeCord - In 5 years, the RedeCord should reach 10 thousand samples of umbilical cord blood among the 20 thousand samples provided for the initial phase of BrasilCord. Moreover, there is the possibility to exchange samples with foreign banks participating in the global network Netcord, increasing the chances of finding compatible cells for transplantation.


Slamdunk said...

This is a great program that can help with all kinds of medical issues.

Thanks for sharing.

Fernanda said...

Hello Isha Shiri,

I rejoice at the fact of having found you throughout Renata, a common friend.

Apart from the nobles causes we both defend, this one is of most importance, I treasure the opportunity of writing in English to avoid getting rusty.

Hopefully we can become good friends.

Kiss and a cuddle.

Fernanda said...

Olá Isaha ou Adelle!

Obrigada pela visita e comentário.
Não resisti a transcrever a minha resposta para o seu Blog.

Amiga eu tenho esse álbum, em vinil, há muitos anos.
Comprei-o logo mal foi posto à venda.
É uma das minhas mais belas relíquias....mas sempre lindo e actual.
Eu sou maluca por música... conheço o tema de cor, aliás ele dá o título ao álbum "Brothers in Arms".

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Amiga, bem vinda à Casa do Rau, Portugal.


Sil.. said...

Isha welcome to my blog. And I think this very important issue of stem cells.
Wish I could do this on my father, who has Parkinson's disease. Things even in this respect are difficult, but enfins, congratulations on that information.
A big hug!

Sashindoubutsu said...

Hi Isha, I was out of the blogworld for quite sometime and I must say it's nice to be back to read your blogs again.

Being in the field of science (I am a microbiologist and a molecular biologist), I find this post really interesting. Yes, the use of stem cell technology in the field of medicine is going to a higher level. Let's hope it will be of big help to all those who need its potential.

Cyrus Rumi said...

A great initiative...such research is vital for improving the lives of so many...

Have a great day, friend!


Eliane Accioly said...


seu blog é muito especial, circulo por aqui e me encanto,



Amiko said...

Hi Isha,

Thanks for the information. My son need Stem Cell, because he is a Cerebral Palsy from birth. I really need some help, anything, information, monetary, all about to cure my son.

And Isha, thanks for coming to my blog. And I am following you too.

God bless you Isha.

Big Hugs,