16 March 2010

Project Kav-Or - "Smile"

Goal :
The goal of this project is to assist sick children in hospitals through homework and peer assistance and distance learning services. It is also teaching high school students about community involvement.

Long-term diseases isolate children at a time in their lives when they thrive on inclusion and a daily routine. They endure long, boring stays in the hospital while recovering from surgery or receiving treatments; they are repeatedly separated from their families and friends; and they are absent from school, not only falling behind in their studies, but also missing out on physical and social activities they enjoy.

Based on its extensive experience in Israel, World ORT concluded that its specialty, technology, could be a key to keeping young hospital patients engaged in the midst of their isolation. The technology could function as both a learning tool to keep the children current in their studies, and a communications tool to keep them in touch with their friends.

The project benefits both -- the sick children in the hospital -- and volunteer students participating in the program. Participants per year: 120.000

Bat Mitzvah* - Cut paper collage created By Lori Peha Kezner
"A pledge to grow in mind and spirit, extending help and hope to others. To believe in one's self and uphold the ideals of Judaism. Striving each and every day to be a better person."

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Kata said...

Dear Adelle,
This project is really good.If childrens are to be too long isolated from all the rest of the world, suffer more and more.They need helpping and Iam glag at you keep here this post Smile project.You have got really loving heart.

God and much love be with you♥