02 May 2011

Holocaust - We can never forget

Today is a sad day for my people. Mark the International Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust - Yom HaShoah

For years and even today, I seek to discover why the Jews, Blacks, Gypsies, homosexuals and other minorities, are dangerous to the world? Because many people still do not understand that we are just human beings with different colors and cultures? What the reason for bestial hatred against innocent people, children, elderly and mentally ill?

What happened at the time, the existence of such hatred, to come to an end so terrible?

Nowadays many people are ashamed of what happened, but in fact everybody was quiet in those times, were silent and many agreed with such evil. Few people in the world raised their voices to try to prevent this massacre.

What is the fear that the world has of us; are we different? Only the L-rd can respond to our fate - I know. Why He allowed such bad people in the world ,to me, is a big unknown.

Maybe one day our children can live without fear of oppression of evil men.

Gd bless you all.


Anonymous said...

A novel about it: opalazon.blogspot.com


Óscar Palazón

Hortist said...

Isha, I can feel the pain in your eyes and heart but I'v no answer for your questions, even I think no body have........no body in this world has the answer of why innocent people are brutally killed by the mighty nations, the nations who even count down the mortality of plants and birds.......I don't know why ??????

alezandri said...

Whether Jewish or Muslim, African or European, rich or poor, sick or healthy ... Any person has the right to be equal and different as anyone.

For me there are only two kinds of people, those who do good and those who do evil.

A big hug.

espaonet said...

Good afternoon Adelle okay?

It really is one of the saddest facts of all mankind, why was the holocaust? why so many died? to feed the vanity of people who thought they were "perfect"? I'm sure God is very saddened with this episode.

Believe we humanity have not left the cradle, so there is still much to crawl, but a big step for this is finally recognize as brothers and we treat each other better ...

After all we are all children of God and therefore his image and likeness!

A strong hug and be with God,


Sir John said...

This is a great article to help us remember the past and to look forward
Johnny Ray

espaonet said...

Hi Adele, thanks for visiting my blog and I am very happy to know that you liked,

Regarding the Holocaust, the feeling of impunity is the same feeling they had that was certain to win in gerra despite this atrocity and fortunately they lost the war and the world was not in the hands of these scoundrels, but this fact is very sad and the fact they had lost the war was just about as much as they did ...



subu.ps said...

Hmm what a wonderful dream? When the world is filled with people who just loves each other. But do such a world has any disadvantages.

Lots of unanswerable questions .. Life moves on.

The best we can do is to be a good human being, love others, smile at even our enemies :)

charneguet said...

Desde que tuve conocimiento de que hubo un Holocausto y que éste se gestó dentro de una sociedad culta y civilizada, capaz de conmoverse ante una partitura de Bach, Chopin o Listz, y minutos después, liquidar un tren atestado de personas hasta reucirla a cenizas, no he llegado todavía a reconciliame con la humanidad. Lo peor es que no me consuela decir: !Fueron los a1emanes!...Aún así, el Holocausto es algo que todavía no he podido superar.